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August 23, 2017


I have just come out of a two year slump.  It was many different factors...motherhood, moving, marriage, too babies and no friends or family around to lean on, my husband having 2 different demanding jobs and a start up business.  The list could go on and on and I think most women in this season of their lives can relate, but it was mostly not feeling like I knew who I was anymore or my what my purpose should be.


My lowest point was a few months ago when my Ulcerative Colitis went from being very mild to a 9 on a scale of 1-10.  I was diagnosed in Jan. and didn't have many symptoms, so I didn't really understand how bad it could get or what it meant to have it.  It is an autoimmune disease that attacks your colon and flares are brought on by stress.  It isn't life threatening, but it felt like it.  I had just finished co-chairing my sons school charity auction and as soon as I finished it was like my body seemed to shut down.  I was in the ER twice in a month and in so much pain I was given Morphine at one point.  I just remember laying in bed not able to eat or get up and bent over in pain, hysterically crying.  I was 33 and had two little kids to take care of.  Luckily, I had an amazing husband, babysitter and mother who helped me while I waited for my medication to kick in.  


Little by little I felt better and it wasn't until I felt better that I even realized how sick and depressed and anxious I had been feeling!  It was like those drug commercials where the person finally takes the allergy medication and the screen is lifted and the commercial is now in bright vivid color and they are happy and have a new lease on life.  That was exactly how I felt!  


Even though I had been working on myself throughout the year trying to get healthy and trying to find balance it wasn't really kicking in.  I had found a life changing podcast Vibrant Happy Women and joined their online programs to help find realignment and my purpose, but it wasn't until I truly felt better that I could really hone in and focus and be open to all the Universe had to offer.  I was finally implementing major self care that as a mother and wife I forgot was so important for my well being.  I began acupuncture and chiropractic work and signed up with a nutritionist that focuses on mind, body and mindfulness.  I started positive affirmations and manifesting and reading, listening to and watching anything I could to help change my life and get me on a positive path.  I opened myself up again to the Universe and the plans it has for me.  


It was this time that my husband and I talked about me bringing in extra money.  I once was a fashion designer in NYC and had my own business, I taught art, then I organized and restyled some very fancy homes from NYC to Wisconsin and even renovated and decorated a few homes along the way.  I was even considering starting a high-end healing crystal kit business with my best friend.  I had a few options to say the least, but nothing really jumping out at me.  I decided I could easily start organizing again to make quick money, but I wasn't excited about it and it wasn't creative and didn't capture my holistic passions.  


One day I was driving down the road talking to the Universe and my divine angels (yes I do that lol) wondering what my new path should be.  What is my purpose?  Would I ever find it?  Suddenly like lightening the idea to start Vibrant Home came to me!  I was so excited!!  I could take my passion for interior design and combine it with my holistic passions of healing crystals, energy cleansing, Ayurveda etc.  Vibrant Home is more than just making a home beautiful.  It is about clearing out old energy, displaying the things you loved with purpose, redecorating and styling your house to capture who you are and who you want to be.  It is about making your home vibrant, peaceful, beautiful and happy.  Your day starts and ends in your home.  It should be a sanctuary where you can unwind and refule.  It should inspire you and energize you to live your best life. Vibrant Home allowed me to help people change their lives and live their dreams while getting to decorate!! Did I fail to mention I LOVE to decorate?!  It energizes me because I know the power it can have on peoples lives.



By changing your home you will set yourself up to start anew...a rebirth.  Now that I am healthy and happy and vibrant I have taken on my home again and I am constantly trying to figure out how I can change it and make it more vibrant!  I can feel the changes reflected back into myself and my family.  No matter your budget or time you can do things big or small to change your home and feel the positive effects in your life.  I  have set up my office to inspire me instead of letting it be a dumping ground for things I didn't want to deal with.  I have hung up pictures I had sitting around collecting dust and on my to do list for years.  I have cleared out old clothes from before my kids were born and added in items that make me feel beautiful again.  With each new thing I have felt the stress melt away little by little.  I have felt empowered and inspired.  I feel like with each new thing I do to my home I see it reflected back into my life.  Anyone with any budget can make changes to their home.  But your are not just making changes to your home, you are making changes to YOUR LIFE!  


Redesign your home.  Reinvent your life.  Manifest your Dreams!



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